Data Ship Systems Inc.

Custom Perl Development

Data Ship Systems is a Perl development house.

Why Perl?

It's not widely known that the web literally runs on Perl. At least the Linux hosted web (estimated at 90% of installed server horsepower). In ecommerce, virtually all the transaction server code is Perl. Why. Security, Ubituty, Support, Maturity, History. Data Ship's original shopping cart was written in 1996. The core code is still running. Modern Perl (Perl 5 and beyond) is extended by the vast CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) library of Modules. In 1996 almost all of that was yet to be developed, particularily the huge selection of web related code.

Data Ship Systems (DSS) has contributed Google Maps associated code to CPAN. Our wide experience with mapping applications necessitated remaining totally current wit the latest Maps functionality.